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An Advocate, Serving Ethically and Zealously

Fight Back Against Criminal Charges

“Undaunted by Larson, the district judge this time didn’t merely shut down defense counsel’s valid efforts to vindicate his client’s right to confrontation, he threatened sanctions: “Your effort to inject this issue into the case is . . . entirely inappropriate, borders on being reprehensible, and I am cautioning you not to repeat it in this courtroom again.” It was the district judge, not defense counsel, who was out of line in making such a heavy-handed threat against an advocate seeking to serve his client zealously and ethically.”

United States v. Nickle, 816 F.3d 1230, 1236 (9th Cir. 2016) – referring to Palmer Hoovestal
Objective Legal Representation

35 Years of Criminal Defense

Facing criminal charges is a serious matter, but there is no better figure to entrust with your fight. Palmer Hoovestal specializes in trials and appeals of criminal and civil cases in state and federal courts. The goal of each case is to reach the best resolution for that case, through negotiated settlement, motions practice, or trial. Cases are resolved through trial if they are not resolved through motions or mediation. Every case is therefore prepared as if it were going to trial. Palmer is a highly experienced trial attorney who will serve as your lawyer zealously and ethically, as stated in the United States v. Nickle opinion by Judge Kozinski.

Criminal Cases

Misdemeanors and felonies, DUIs, PFMAs and orders of protection, drug offenses, violent crimes, homicide, sex crimes, child pornography, human trafficking cases, and federal criminal charges.

Civil Cases

Whether it’s finance, personal injury, contract disputes, family court, or any other civil case, when you’re faced with a civil lawsuit, you need an objective litigator with experience and determination. Palmer Hoovestal is practical, realistic, and well connected, guaranteeing the best possible results for your case. When it comes to your defense, let Hoovestal Law do the heavy lifting for you.

Let Hoovestal Law do the heavy lifting for you!